About Us / Our Team

Mid-West Truck Accessories was established in 1981. We contribute our success and longevity to three simple philosophies that we strive for on a daily basis.

1. "Treat other people as we would like to be treated"

We understand this is a timeless expression, but we believe it is rarely practiced in our “results driven” society. Our business philosophy is rooted in the desire of placing the needs of people first. We have learned the best way to manage our business is to simply care about people. This creates an atmosphere of satisfied customers, enriched employees and a healthier community.

2. "Invest in inventory, technology and customer service infrastructure"

As you shop around you will notice most truck accessory retailers have product displays in their store and a catalog they order everything from (very little inventory is typically at the store). Most online retailers have absolutely nothing in stock. All they have is a website. These companies buy everything from the warehouse distributor as they receive orders.

We often see competitors advertise 200,000+ items in stock. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are different... we buy all our primary product lines directly from the manufacturer (that saves you money). We have invested in a huge inventory, modern technology, installation facilities and Commercial (business to business infrastructure). All of these investments help provide you a great experience with our company.

3. "Commitment to Excellence"

We pay attention to the small details. When you step into a Mid-West Truck Accessories store you will notice our truck caps are clean and labeled and our showrooms are clean. Our bathrooms are spotless. Our team is dressed in uniforms and we provide a smoke free environment (including the installation area). We use seat covers and floor mats when we drive your vehicle. We offer a complementary bottle of water or a hot cup of coffee in a comfortable waiting area.

We provide sales promotions (to save you money) and most of our customers receive a postage paid survey card. We work towards creating a great experience for you, our customer, for less money than our competitors.

We are committed to doing our best to provide you a great experience during and after the sale. We desire to serve the people that depend on us (our customers, staff and vendors) and we always try taking the right action to be helpful.


The leadership team at Mid-West Truck Accessories