Before You Buy!

Consider the Facts… Before You Buy!


Product warranties are only as good as the people who back them up. All industry products have a manufacturer’s warranty, although truck cap manufacturers will often view the dealer / distributor as their direct customer. If the truck cap dealer is not in “Good Standing” with the vendor, or if the dealer no longer sells that “brand of product”, warranty service may be a challenge for you.

Going out of Business

We have all seen a number of truck accessory stores close in recent years. Mid-West Truck Accessories was established in 1981 and we have a solid track history under the same management team. Please stop into one of our stores to browse our inventory, compare pricing, and our service history. We are committed to the long haul providing you with a great level of service.


Most truck cap and accessory dealers and web retailers utilize a catalog and a warehouse distributor for their entire product line. Most accessory dealers stock very little and special order most items out of a catalog through a distributor. Mid-West Truck Accessories is a stocking distributor with a large on-site inventory of all the most popular products.


Many websites are now selling truck accessories. Many of these businesses are not actual truck accessory distributors. Some of these websites are people in their own home having products drop shipped from a distributor to you. This type of business model does not lend itself to be service oriented or being proactive with a problem resolution issue. Our Suggestion; Buyer Beware.


Many companies claim their “people make a difference.” This is only true if the staff “really cares.” We do! Not only do we want to earn your business today, we want to earn your referral and repeat business tomorrow.